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Photographe de Portrait 

Princesse du Laos

The portrait is almost as old as the world, and the appearance of photography has made things a little easier to immortalize the faces. Today, perhaps by tradition, black and white portraits are still present, even if color dominates. It is a very appreciated technique because it makes it possible to return a completely different atmosphere and to make pass other emotions, impossible to obtain in colors. Sometimes it gives a very sought-after vintage look, or makes us nostalgic for film.


Portrait photography allows everyone to get to know each other. The individual, physically prevented from seeing himself, seeks the means to achieve this. First through natural mirrors: Narcissus and its reflection in the water.


Each meeting offers a meeting window with the subject through the lens of the choice of objective. The staging, the choice of light, of the place then create a unique universe.


The portrait is in us. He lives deep in our faces and it is this intimacy that makes him so precious.


"I stand close enough to the subject to touch it and there is nothing between us - except what happens while we observe each other. This exchange involves manipulations, submissions. These are relationships that we could not afford in everyday life. We have different ambitions for the image ”. It was with his words that one of my favorite photographers Richard Avedon expressed himself by talking about his approach to portraiture.

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