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Photographe culinaire

Oeuf confit

Flavors and know-how are an integral part of cooking. The chef plays over time to produce and provide moments of emotion. B. Beaugé offers us his definition: “memory plays a primordial role; it is what allows the creation of these 'images called tastes'.


Fixing this ephemeral work by image then becomes a way of transcribing fleeting emotions through visual language that will change the relationship with time and inscribes in our memory these taste experiences by prolonging their memory. Composition and light add a "truth" which then gives excitement and pleasure.


Because photography, drawing its strength from our memories, offers itself as a surface of projection of taste, presenting a fantasized reality, detached from the real taste qualities of the dish (too salty, or seasoned with oyster juice, spicy, without lose its power of evocation and palatability).

The image of a dish only has flavors that we can lend it according to our memory.



What is the role of a food photographer?


My role as a photographer is then to allow the spectator to savor in images, to travel in the universe of the chefs, to write in the memories of the gourmets what was consumed and forgotten, as a painter offering a window on his world would do. inside, the perception of what surrounds him at the instant T with a science of light, giving birth to a transcended form of what he is laying on his canvas.

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