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Photographe Architecture


In Architecture, there is Art. It is one of the 9 major arts in the same way as painting, sculpture, photography…


Whether religious, for housing, offices, the lines of these buildings have always attracted me.


Knowing how to magnify these structures by the choice of objectives is a real challenge.


A wide angle will give fleeting perspectives while a telephoto lens will seek a detail, isolate part of the building, giving it a particular strength.


The dome of a low-angle church becomes a painting, a mosaic.


The glass walls of an office tower are adorned with reflections from the sky.


The gardens have also been the subject of meticulous architectural work: French style, lawn bowls, topiary art which in the early morning offers a miraculous windfall to the photographer who will have known how to get up at dawn.


Play with perspectives, lines of flight to write on the film what I live in at this moment.


Turn, walk, wander to find the best angle, the beautiful light that will enhance the building while looking for a form of quintessence.


Today architecture uses modern means which authorizes practically everything.


Glass, sheet metal, wood are materials that allow the photographer to favor the "macro". Get closer to the materials, enter another world, that of the infinitely small, change scale.

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