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Séance préparatif future mariée traditionnelle au Japon


Service à thé contemporain en cuivre fabriqué au Japon


Nageuse en apnée sous l'eau


Toit blanc à la chaux en Grèce


Ravioles vertes dans un bouillon


Chef d'un hôtel étoilé debout dans l'océan au Mexique portant une bassine de poisson


Vue sur la cathédrale de Metz depuis le futur musée Pompidou


EDH productions


Today the digital revolution is more than current. Photography and video play an important role in the communication strategy.


With a beautiful photo, companies can quickly promote a product or service since the images arouse emotion in customers, even encouraging them to buy.


A destination, a culinary dish, a hotel, a portrait… all these images will carry with them this alchemy specific to the photographer / director; his approach and his sensitivity of the moment merging with the requests made to him.


" A picture is worth a thousand words ". It always tends to trigger a positive emotion in individuals.


With video, the story is told differently. Sound is of full importance here. The simple act of staging people with even a small smile, will arouse in users a certain emotion, which is essential in the success of the messages to broadcast to the target audience. It requires different skills.


It is with this dual competence that EDH productions will, after having identified your requests, support you to:


  • tell a story

  • gain visibility

  • show your expertise


Seeing and / or being seen appears to be the privileged sense of knowledge of the world.


“Photography is a brief bond between foresight and chance.”

John Stuart Mill

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